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How Men Should Dress for a Night Out

Getting ready for a night out might seem like no..

How Men Should Dress for a Night Out

How Men Should Dress for a Night Out

Getting ready for a night out might seem like no big deal. Put on a t-shirt, jeans and walk out the door. However, instead of a good looking and cool vibe, you might be giving off an “I’m too lazy” vibe.

To have a good night out and feel your best, dedicate 20 minutes to picking out your clothing. That way not only will you look better, but you will feel more confident.

Check out these tips to be sure that the only attention you receive on a night out is positive:

Lean Towards Darker Colors

When selecting your outfit go towards the darker pieces in your closet. An outfit with varying colors of gray, blue and black look good on everyone and always look good in a bar setting. Just keep in mind to break up the dark colors. Add one pop of a lighter color to give balance to your outfit.


Dress for the Location

If you are leaving the office and heading to a casual bar, you will be overdressed. If you you just got up off the couch and are walking out the door to a fancier steakhouse, you run the risk of being underdressed. Before you head out, think of the location. Keep in mind how dressy, or casual, it is and make sure you fit in with the crowd. However, we always recommend looking over-dressed compared to under-dressed.

Key Pieces 

Every wardrobe needs to have key pieces. For a gentlemen these include: a couple nice button downs, dress slacks, dark jeans and nicer shoes (Tennis shoes are not appropriate everywhere). Having all of these items will make it easier for you to pick your night clothing out and be sure that you always look sharp.

Wrinkles Are Not Your Friend

It is pretty obvious if a man picks up a shirt off of his closet floor and puts it on. If you are short on time and need to move quickly, do not skimp out on staying wrinkly free. Spend the extra five minutes ironing your clothing. You will look put together and feel confident.


Bring your finer items into a local Morellis location for a professional dry clean and press.  If you are short on time, our “press-only” service can salvage that already clean shirt that has more wrinkles than you care to admit.

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