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Casual Workday Wardrobe

Dressing casually in the office can be quite the fine..

Casual Workday Wardrobe

Casual Workday Wardrobe

Dressing casually in the office can be quite the fine line to walk. It all depends on your office environment and atmosphere to determine what is appropriate. However, some articles of clothing are not appropriate for the workplace regardless on how casual the office is.

Check out this list of no-no’s and make sure you are the perfect amount of casual.



  • Short Skirts
    • Save these for a night out and not the workplace. Showing too much skin at the office is inappropriate.
  • Leggings
    • Even if you are wearing a shirt, sweater or jacket that covers everything, leggings are not appropriate for the work place.
  • See-Through Shirts
    • Loose and comfy shirts are great for a night out or day with friends, but at the office it is best to stick to solid color shirts. Tip: if you think your shirt is even a little bit see-through– put on a undershirt. It will prevent you from have any embarrassing moments.
  • T-Shirts
    • Unless directly specified leave your favorite sports team or work out shirts in your dresser.
  • Gym Clothes
    • Working out before coming into the office is admirable. Going to a company softball game after work shows you are a great team player. However, unless you work for an athletic apparel company, avoid wearing gym clothes during office hours.
  • Shorts
    • Everyone’s idea of “shorts” is different. Even with the fingertip length rule, there still is the risk of them being too short. Better to just leave them for non-work related events.
  • Jeans with Holes
    • You are at work. Fairly self-explanatory to leave items with holes out of your office wardrobe.
  • Rubber Flip Flops
    • During a hot and humid summer, the last thing you want to do is wear a pair of shoes that do not let your feet breathe. Try sandals or a nice pair of tennis shoes.

Regardless of your office enviroment and dress code, always keep in mind that it is best to overdress on casual workdays than underdress. That way, you prevent being uncomfortable all day. Make sure you bring your favorite casual dress items to Morellis Cleaners to make sure that no matter the day, you are looking your best.

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