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Dressing for Wedding Season

Have a wedding coming up and not sure what to..

Dressing for Wedding Season

Dressing for Wedding Season

Have a wedding coming up and not sure what to wear? We have got you covered with these dos and don’ts when it comes to picking an outfit for your loved one’s big day.


When deciding on what to wear, you want to look cool and stylish, but you do not want to draw attention away from the bride and groom. We suggest looking at the wording on the invitation or focusing on the time of year to get clues on what to wear.


First, let us go over the ground rules on dressing for a wedding.

  1. Do NOT wear white to a wedding. This goes for men and women. White is for the bride only. Unless there are instructions that imply otherwise.
  2. Always be respectful of religious affiliations. If the wedding is in a church and your dress is strapless, bring a sweater to wear during the ceremony.
  3. You can wear black to a wedding. Have a great new black suit or little black dress you want to wear? Go for it.
  4. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. If the invitation states, “black tie optional”, lean towards the dressier side of things. Meaning, a dark suit or tux for the gentlemen and a long dress for the ladies.
  5. Follow instructions. If the invitation requests that ladies wear hats, men wear bowties, all guests wear black & white, dress casually, etc., — do it. The bride and groom have a reason why they want guests to dress in a certain fashion so be mindful of their wishes.

Now, deciding on a wedding outfit can be stressful. You want to look your best, but not be terribly uncomfortable. Plus, there is the added stress that your outfit choice is going to be documented forever in their photos.

Follow these tips to make sure you look and feel your best for the wedding:


  • Try to stay away from the trendy colors of the season. If you wear one you might accidentally wear the same color as the bridal party and get asked all day if you’re a bridesmaid. A good tip to follow—take notice of the colors on the invitation. There’s a good chance those are their wedding colors.
  • Pay attention to the season. If you get their save-the-date or wedding invite in June and the wedding isn’t until December, be mindful of any potential dresses you might buy. You don’t want to pick out a dress in summer that isn’t appropriate, or warm enough, for winter.
  • Remember the rule of one. Showing too much skin at a wedding is a no no. Your outfit can have one alluring element to it. Like, a plunging neckline, cut out, low back, etc. Keep in mind; a wedding is not the club. Plus, who wants to risk a slip of any kind?


  • Lean towards classic trends. A dark suit or tux looks great on anyone. The bride and groom will be keeping these photos forever. So do you want to be remembered as the guy who wore the ruffled or neon suit?
  • If you’re going to a formal event it is never okay to have wrinkles in your clothing. Get your suit or tux professionally pressed to make sure you look sharp the day of the event.
  • Remember the details. If you’re wearing a white, or other light colored, button down make sure to wear a white undershirt. When wearing black dress pants and shoes you have to wear dress socks. It is not classy to wear white tube socks or see a Nike swoosh peeking out from the gap between your pants and shoes.

Follow these tips and feel confident when it comes to picking out an outfit for an upcoming wedding. No matter how dressy or casual the wedding is, looking your best will make you feel great.

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