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Extend the Life of Your Leather

Fall has arrived and one of the top trends is..

Extend the Life of Your Leather

Extend the Life of Your Leather

Fall has arrived and one of the top trends is leather. Know how to care for your leather and make sure it looks great throughout the season. Follow these helpful tips to give it the best care:


Wet Leather

If one of your leather items get wet, let it hang dry, but keep it away from heat. Putting your item in a dryer or close to a heating vent might cause it to shrink or lose its shape.

Avoid Leather Touching Your Skin

It is best to avoid skin-to-leather contact. When leather items come in contact with body or hair oils, they are likely to erode the material. Similarly, do not let perfume or hairspray get on your leather items. They are difficult to remove from leather and the process of removing can lead to erosion or discoloration.

Stained Garments

If something gets on your leather item, do not try and remove it yourself. You could risk removing the color from the leather and that can be impossible to restore. Take the item to your local Morellis Cleaners and let us see what options there are to remove the stain and restore the item.

Storing Leather

Hang leather items on a padded hanger and when storing for long periods of time cover with a bed sheet or clothe garment bag. Avoid using plastic bags; they will not let a garment “breathe”, which can lead to mold or mildew growth. Store leather items in a dark, dry place. Over exposure to sunlight can cause fading.


Clean Leather Regularly

Morellis Cleaners highly recommends cleaning leather regularly. It protects the item and keeps the leather from aging too quickly. In addition, it will save money in the long run because you will not have to replace your items as often.


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