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Look Your Best for an Interview

Prepping for a job interview can cause a lot of..

Look Your Best for an Interview

Look Your Best for an Interview

Prepping for a job interview can cause a lot of anxiety. When you go into an office to meet your interviewer you want to feel confident and know you look your best. Keep these tips in mind when selecting your interview outfit out:

  • You can never be overdressed or overeducated according to Oscar Wilde. When it comes to an interview that statement is very true. It is always better to risk looking too dressed up for an interview rather than be underwhelming.
  • Ladies- you can interview in either pants or a skirt (that is a proper length). Always keep in mind to be classy and not too trendy for an interview.
  • Clothes are typically an extension of our personalities. However, during an interview you should resist the urge to express. Allow yourself to be remembered for your skills, experience and personality rather than your apparel.
  • Plan ahead with your outfit. Try your planned outfit on a day before to make sure everything looks right and just in case you need to purchase a new belt or pair of shoes you have time.
  • Remember your shoes. You might not realize it, but interviewers will assess your whole outfit. Shoes included. Before you put them on, inspect them for stains and scuffs.
  • Always remember to have your interview outfit dry cleaned at Morellis and perfectly pressed.¬†Your interviewer will appreciate the fine details of your apparel.

Not only will dressing your best make you look good, but it will also give you the boost of confidence you need to have a great interview with a potential employer.

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