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Dress For Your Future Career

Everyone has heard the phrase dress for the job you..

Dress For Your Future Career

Dress For Your Future Career

Everyone has heard the phrase dress for the job you want. We think that Marc Jacobs put it best when he said, “To me, clothing is a form of self-expression. There are hints about who you are in what you wear.”

Advancing your career is a great goal, give yourself an edge by applying extra effort to your wardrobe. With a finer wardrobe you will impress your coworkers and your bosses, but in addition it could be what sets you apart from others when landing a promotion or your dream job.

Check out these tips on how to dress for the job you want:


Classics are Key

No matter what season it is, or what the hottest style is, it is always a good idea to own the classic wardrobe items. Having classic pieces and trends makes your wardrobe timeless and assures that you always look your best.

However, if you are a person who loves fashion and sticking with the latest trends try adding little features to your outfit that are trendy. Those could be a patterned tie or socks for the men and jewelry or shoes for women.

Treat Wardrobe With Care

As your mother would say, if you want something to stay nice you need to take care of it. That qualifies for your wardrobe too. Make sure you care for your clothing by reading labels and follow and detailed instructions that a garment comes with.

Also, do not forget to care for your accessories. Months of using your shoes, belts, gloves, purses and more can cause them to look tired and frayed. Be sure to follow tag instructions or take them to be dry cleaned and keep them looking their best.

Quality is Best

This is a case where less can be more. Purchasing clothing that can be mixed and matched is best because you can create more outfits with those pieces. Not only will you shopping not break the bank, but you’ll still feel confident in the items you own.

Be Mindful of the Appearance

The fit of a garment is key. Wearing an item that is a little too small or too large can make the all the difference on whether or not an outfit looks put together. Even if shopping is not your favorite activity, dedicate time to it. It is best to find something that fits you well rather than settling.

Also, keep in mind that there are tailors. You might find an outfit that would look great if it was taken in just a bit or shortned. With a tailor you can discover hidden gems in clothing that you would not have had otherwise.

Think Long Term

Nothing is more frustrating than wearing something twice and discovering a small hole or snag in the fabric. To avoid that, search out sturdier fabrics for your wardrobe. These fabrics are mostly natural means. Such as wool, cotton, silk and linen.


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