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Keep Your Travel Items Looking Good

There is a reason why traveling is known as a..

Keep Your Travel Items Looking Good

Keep Your Travel Items Looking Good

There is a reason why traveling is known as a stressful occurrence. Making sure you have packed everything you need, loading it in your transportation, picking it up after arrival and then unpacking can lead to feeling frazzled. What can make everything worse in when you arrive at your destination and see that your packed wardrobe has become creased or something has spilled in your luggage.


Go to the Dry Cleaners

The first step to traveling is going to your local Morellis Cleaners. Make sure your wardrobe has been cleaned and ironed to be sure that you look great while traveling.


Be Proactive 

Putting off packing until the night before or day of travel leads to stress, forgotten items and disheveled luggage. If you know you have an upcoming trip be proactive and start by making a list. Note everything that needs to be packed and then pack according to what you jotted down.


Think With Less in Mind

When you pack and just shovel your items into your suitcase, filling it to capacity you can only expect the worst. Clothing put into luggage with disarray leads to wrinkles. Think ahead, give yourself plenty of time to pack and stop yourself from packing too much to prevent creasing in your items.


Rolling Rolling Rolling

Save space in your luggage by rolling your items rather than folding. Not only will rolling prevent creasing but it give you extra room for your clothes to breathe. Just be sure to place the rolled items on top of one another and not just push them anywhere. Shoveling your rolled items in can lead to wrinkles.


Use Caution With Liquids

Traveling with liquids is risky business. Make sure you take every precaution by making sure not to pack liquids with a loose cap, lid, etc. and always put them inside of a plastic baggy. That way, just in case a spill does happen, your clothing is safe.


These tips can help you look your best and wrinkle free on your trips. However, in some circumstances, wrinkles are inevitable. Before you travel, call the location where you are staying and check to see if they have an available iron guests can use. That way you will be at easy knowing if your items are wrinkled you have a backup.

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