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Extend Your Wardrobe’s Life

Over time, it is easy to become overwhelmed with being..

Extend Your Wardrobe’s Life

Extend Your Wardrobe’s Life

Over time, it is easy to become overwhelmed with being busy and store last season’s wardrobe items in storage without taking the right steps. When you do that and 365 days go by, those items you stored might have tears, discoloration and unidentified substances that were not there previously.

Your skin oils, forgotten spots, spills, mold, grease and more can lead to detrimental deterioration that ruins your favorite clothes. Rather than face that damage, get your wardrobe dry cleaned and extend its life.

Over time, the above listed items can deteriorate your wardrobe. Check out how dry-cleaning extends your wardrobe’s life:


Spills happen to the best of us. When you do spill and forget to treat it, that spot is like a magnet to microscopic insects. Once they are on your clothing, they will eat tiny holes in items and unfortunately that can lead to ruined or unappealing clothes. Dry cleaning prevents bugs from getting on your items because it will clean all of the spots that our naked eyes cannot see and remove any deep residues.

The Elements 

As you go through your day-to-day life, your wardrobe is exposed to outdoor and indoor elements. Think of your clothing like a screen, as time passes and air blows through the screen little materials get trapped. Those materials that are on your items can lead to discoloration or bad odors trapped in the fibers. By getting your clothing dry cleaned, all dirt and residue is removed and making sure your items are truly clean.

Spots on Clothing

Think of a time you were wearing your favorite top or pants and accidentally spilled something. Not only is it frustrating, but in some situations nearly impossible to lift the stain. If you have a spill on a piece of your wardrobe, bring it to your local dry cleaners and let them use their assets to try lift and prevent the stain from ruining your item


Dry cleaning not only protects your wardrobe, but it also saves you money over time, due to your items lasting longer. Head in to your local Morellis Cleaners and get your favorite items professionally dry-cleaned today and prolong the life of your wardrobe.

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