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‘Non-Iron’ Shirts Belong in the Past

What is a trending topic among men's fashion? It is..

‘Non-Iron’ Shirts Belong in the Past

‘Non-Iron’ Shirts Belong in the Past

What is a trending topic among men’s fashion? It is not the best brand of sneakers or how gender-neutral clothing should be. The hot topic of today is your dress shirts.

The buzz is if non-iron shirts, which are a hot items in the men’s fashion market, should still be purchased. One of the biggest arguments is that non-iron dress shirts can display a sign of laziness and are not good for the environment.

While these non-iron shirts might be wrinkle-free, you may want to ask what makes them that way. The answer is formaldehyde. If that chemical sounds familiar, it should, it is a very carcinogenic (meaning cancer causing) chemical that is used to embalm bodies of those who have died. So the next time you purchase or put on a non-iron shirt you might want to keep that in mind.

The reason that non-iron shirts are wrinkle free is because the fabric is bathed in continuous-release chemicals that keep up the wrinkle-free appearance.

Non-iron shirts are meant to keep you from slaving over the ironing board or on a trip to your local Morellis location. However, over time they lose their “wrinkle free” appearance and can actually cause skin irritation from all of the chemicals.

Before you pick up a non-iron shirt, remember what goes into making it “wrinkle free”. Regardless, Morellis is always happy to dry clean and press your items. So bring them to your store today and see the quality we dedicate to your items.



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