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The Biggest Trends for Women in Fall 2016

We are in the midst of autumn and among the..

The Biggest Trends for Women in Fall 2016

The Biggest Trends for Women in Fall 2016

We are in the midst of autumn and among the changing leaves and crisp weather we’ve discovered some of the biggest trends in women’s fashion this fall. Check out these trendy pieces and see what to bring out or add to your closet.


Leopard Print

This iconic print always seems to find its way into every season’s fashion and this fall is no different. Add leopard to your outfit with a scarf, jacket or sweater. It will add a bold pop with the pattern, but in a stylish way. However, make sure to not overdo it with too many pieces of leopard at once.



It is time to call your grandma and ask her to pass down her embroidered pieces because they are back in style. The delicate needlework adds a soft, yet strong, look to anyone’s wardrobe.


Faux Pearls

Jackie O called and wants you to break out the faux pearls. Not only does the classic jewel tie any look together, but it also adds a hint of professionalism to all outfits. Plus, the benefit of faux pearls is that they will not break the bank. Try wearing a pearl set of earrings, necklace or brooch; but not all at once at once. Too many pearl items at once can overdo it.


Sporty Stripes

Now that athleisure has become the most comfortable of trends, incorporating sporty stripes into all wardrobe was the next step. Try wearing them in day-to-day outfits by getting a striped sweater, shoes or pants.



This cozy fabric is perfect for the in-between weather from fall to winter. It will keep you warm during those frigid mornings while also being stylish.


Men’s Wear

Fashion has become gender fluid this season. The trouser, blazer and buttons downs have become key features in fall 2016. Next time you go shopping do not just stick your gender’s clothing section. Check out everything the store has to offer for great pieces to add to your wardrobe.


Whether you consider yourself a style guru or fashion novice, explore your taste and see what you enjoy most about this season’s fashion trends. Make sure your favorite pieces look their best by bringing them to Morellis cleaners for quality care.

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