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  • Look Your Best for an Interview

    Look Your Best for an Interview

    Prepping for a job interview can cause a lot of anxiety. When you go into an office to meet your interviewer you want to feel confident and know you look your best. Keep these tips in mind when selecting your interview outfit out: You can never be overdressed or overeducated according to Oscar Wilde. When […]

  • Extend the Life of Your Leather

    Extend the Life of Your Leather

    Fall has arrived and one of the top trends is leather. Know how to care for your leather and make sure it looks great throughout the season. Follow these helpful tips to give it the best care:   Wet Leather If one of your leather items get wet, let it hang dry, but keep it […]

  • Fall Apparel to Wear in the Workplace

    Fall Apparel to Wear in the Workplace

    Fall is coming and that means it is time to break out your sweaters, jackets, scarves and more. Convert your fall favorites into stylish, but professional, outfits for the workplace. Pumpkin Spice Your obsession to the delicious coffee drink can go to the next level this season. This muted orange color is a big trend […]

  • Dressing for Wedding Season

    Dressing for Wedding Season

    Have a wedding coming up and not sure what to wear? We have got you covered with these dos and don’ts when it comes to picking an outfit for your loved one’s big day.   When deciding on what to wear, you want to look cool and stylish, but you do not want to draw […]

  • Casual Workday Wardrobe

    Casual Workday Wardrobe

    Dressing casually in the office can be quite the fine line to walk. It all depends on your office environment and atmosphere to determine what is appropriate. However, some articles of clothing are not appropriate for the workplace regardless on how casual the office is. Check out this list of no-no’s and make sure you are […]

  • How to Keep School Clothes Looking Great

    How to Keep School Clothes Looking Great

    We are in the middle of fall and kids are back in school. While most parents’ dread back-to-school shopping, nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a new wardrobe for your children only to have it get destroyed. Keep your kids looking great throughout the school year with using these tips: Group Your Laundry in Categories  […]

  • Caring for Your Wedding Gown

    Caring for Your Wedding Gown

    May and June are popular wedding months, particularly in the United States. A wedding gown is much than just a dress, it is a treasure, a symbol of an important event in your life. Whether you are borrowing it from a relative or buying it new, your gown deserves your attention, both before and after […]

  • How Men Should Dress for a Night Out

    How Men Should Dress for a Night Out

    Getting ready for a night out might seem like no big deal. Put on a t-shirt, jeans and walk out the door. However, instead of a good looking and cool vibe, you might be giving off an “I’m too lazy” vibe. To have a good night out and feel your best, dedicate 20 minutes to […]

  • Spring Fashion Trends for the Workplace

    Spring Fashion Trends for the Workplace

    Spring means it’s time to put away the heavy sweaters, jackets and scarves. It’s time to pull out your favorite flowy and bright items to make a pretty, but professional, statement in the workplace. Update on the Classic Blazer It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with a blazer in the workplace. However, during the warmer […]

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