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Linen Cleaning in Northeast Indianapolis, Carmel, Geist, and Fishers

You would not sleep with a spouse that did not bathe regularly.  Why would you sleep in a bed that did not undergo a cleaning regularly?  If you enjoy the feeling of fresh, crisp bed linens in your hotel room when you travel, you can also treat yourself to the same feeling at home.  Our expert cleaners will professionally treat your linens and comforters removing dirt, stains, and odors and return them to you pressed and ready for your bed.

Cleaning your bedding in your washing machine at home can lead to the introduction of unneeded water that can wear down the fabric and dilute the sharp colors you chose for your décor.


You have made a significant investment in your drapes and window coverings.  If you avoid caring for these items properly, the exposure to dirt, sunlight and humidity can result in significant color loss and permanent damage to the fabric.

Our experts will professionally treat your drapes, examining for spots and stains before they delicately clean each item.  Once completed, your drapes will be inspected one last time for any items we might have missed and then they will be packed carefully so that they are easy to re-hang once arriving back home.


For the times you actually use the dining room in your home for a dinner party, you will want to make sure your linens and tablecloths are up for the event.  If your last guests were a little too careless with the wine, or created a mess that could potentially stain your tablecloth or linens, bring them to your nearest Morellis location immediately.

Fine linens are delicate and require great care when cleaning.  Morellis specializes in stain removal procedures that are gentle on precious fabrics, so they look and feel great, but also last.  After cleaning and inspecting each item, we then fold and press them to look like new.


If it is made of fabric, we can clean it.  Over time, normal usage, sunlight and various stains can prematurely shorten the life of your favorite household items.  Do not trust those valuable items to just anyone.  Our competition may charge more, but they certainly do not clean more.  We offer honest, fair pricing to clean all your valuable household items.



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