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Indianapolis Leather and Suede Cleaning


Genuine leather and suede clothing are often our most cherished items and the quickest to show signs of wear. These unique items require special processing to preserve their finish, feel and color.  Take your leather garments to the professional team at Morellis to give your items the proper clean they deserve.

Our team can treat even the most difficult stains, scrapes, scuffs and more while preserving your garments natural appearance.   During our suede or leather cleaning, dirt and stains are removed and special oils which are lost during normal wear are replenished.   We clean each garment, depending on the type, in a unique baths of detergents and natural tanning oils to maintain the delicate balance of oil in the animal hides.  The end result would make any plastic surgeon happy.

Morellis’ color matching experts also restore colors lost during regular wear and through the normal cleaning process. Finally, your garment is pressed using finishing equipment designed specifically for leather and suede clothing.  And to ensure the highest quality service possible, our cleaning experts individually inspect each garment during every phase of our process.


Fur coats and other fur garments are often the most expensive and prized items in your entire wardrobe.  After time, they can easily lose some of their luster and shine or gather dust and odors if they sit in your closet for long periods of time.

Our fur specialists can make even the most difficult stains disappear, while preserving your fur’s natural appearance, luster, and gloss. Quality fur cleaning will also remove musty smells or disagreeable odors caused by pets or moth balls from your fur coat or garment.  Once we carefully clean and inspect your item, we will glaze each item, reintroduce oils and realign the hairs of the fur to help keep its natural sheen and lustrous appearance.


Your wedding gown is the most important dress you will ever wear.  If you are like most, sometimes your wedding gown does not survive the night without some spills or stains of some sort.  If you want to preserve your dress for years to come, there is only one name that can keep your gown wedding morning fresh – Morellis.

Our team begins with a detailed inspection of your gown, thoroughly reviewing the fabric, seams and embroidering, prior to devising the ideal method of cleaning.  Our specialists will then hand clean your special dress, reattaching any beads and other embroideries where needed. Finally, we’ll package your gown in a premium quality, acid-free, quality preservation box that maintains color and prevents yellowing, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy your priceless keepsake for years to come.


We understand that image can make all the difference in the business world.  If you want to keep your staff looking their finest, Morellis is your partner.  We take pride in providing the highest quality commercial and uniform cleaning services, helping our clients put their best foot forward to their valuable customers.

Just like every garment and stain can be different, so too is every organization.  Similar to how we inspect each clothing item individually and decide the best approach, we also look at each commercial account independently.  This allows us to customize our dry cleaning and laundering services to our client’s specific needs.


We know how expensive your UGG boots can be.  As the different seasons take their toll on your boots, they can quickly get dirty and show signs of wear.  Instead of buying all new boots, let Morellis give your boots the care they deserve and get them looking like new again.

Whether your UGG’s are boots, shoes, or slippers, our professional cleaners can restore them to near perfect condition. We specialize in stain removal, including dirt and mud, water marks, and other stains.  With our expert care, years of experience cleaning suede, and advanced cleaning processes, your UGG’s and boots will not only look better, they’ll also last longer.

We will perform a complete hand cleaning inside and around the outer surfaces, followed by a detailed stain removal.  Once complete, we will perform color restoration and replace any stitching or material that needs addressed.  To complete the process, we will water-proof and apply a stain repellant before packaging them nicely into a carrying bag for pick-up.

Want your boots to last forever?  If so, we highly recommend that you clean your UGG’s annually, at the end of the winter season, so that the stains don’t set-in, making them more difficult to remove.


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